Publisac: The publicity that is polluting the planet

Photo: Lise Lafond

These are some of the advertising flyers and newspapers found in the millions of Publisacs distributed to households in the province of Quebec each week.

Every week a little plastic bag arrives at our doorstep, filled with flyers, the local paper, and ads for merchandise. Our goal when looking through these numerous sales flyers is to save money by seeking out the best deals at our local grocery stores. But what impact does this weekly routine have on the environment?

I love my Publisac. I do not use a smart phone or shop on-line very much so I prefer my fliers this way. We also get the weekly local newspaper in the Publisac which I love to read. Here in the country they are not delivered door to door but are hung at the group mailboxes, so the ones that are not taken are recycled by the distributor.