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Lorne Elliott music and comedy show in Thetford Mines

The Megantic English-speaking Community Development Corporation (MCDC) is delighted to welcome LORNE ELLIOTT to Thetford Mines for one night only on Saturday, November 16. He has performed his one-man show across Canada, USA, and as far away as Australia. He has made regular appearances at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival since it started in 1986.


Seniors at the Centre - A Call to Action

Seniors at the Centre - A Call to Action By Bethann Merkel

ImagiNation Writers Festival - Morrin Centre




Quebec City highlighted in Dutch travel guide

Arjan Leenhouts has published a travel guide of selected places in the U.S.A. and Canada which includes a feature section on Quebec City. It was written by Mylène Moissan based on interviews with well-known street performers. See

People look east, the time is near . . .

Look Up! Look Waaaaay Up!  During the month of December the sky will hold a veritable feast for the eyes! With the holidays coming and the calendar year soon ending, it seems that the winter sky has saved the best for last.

The annual Geminids meteor shower will be at its peak of activity on December 14 with some 120 meteors flying across the night sky each hour.  

Situation of Hockey in Quebec: Habs Should Take Leadership Role

The debate regarding the lack of francophone, and more specifically Quebec-born, players drafted by the Montreal Canadiens has persisted for quite some time. And, for those who believe that the franchise has a significant responsibility towards the French language and Quebec hockey, this summer has certainly provided fuel to the fire.

Revisiting "Closed" Debates


Mnr. Ouellet's recent comments and letters in the press have drawn some heavy criticism from commentators and citizens, and personal attacks by Facebook groups, referring to him as being a "primate." Ah, the internet.

Speed limits and their enforcement

After the unification of City of Quebec, I had hopes that there would be some rationalization of the bizarre speed limits we endure every day. I'm still waiting.

Jaftica sailing vessel due to arrive at the port of Quebec

A couple of nearly-retired Coast Guard engineers based in Ottawa are due to arrive in the old port of Quebec next week on their way to Picton, Ontario from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It's been quite a trip already, read some great stories at

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